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The best business publications to read, watch and listen to in 2018

Building a business from the ground up is one of the most exciting – and daunting – challenges in life. At times it can feel like you’re going it alone, head down in the sand, with nowhere to turn to for help. The reality is a little different. There’s a wealth of knowledge on the web and in print to help you overcome a roadblock, find an innovative solution to a problem or simply get started. We’ve put together a list of great podcasts and publications to watch, listen and read for that competitive edge.

Podcast: How I Built This

There’s nothing like learning from other entrepreneurs. That’s the premise of “How I Built This”. Every week, radio host and journalist Guy Raz sits down with prominent businesspeople who unpack what happened to them getting their business up and running, and the challenges they overcame. We’re not talking any old businesses either. “How I Built This” features interviews with people like Dermalogica’s Jane Wurwand, Atari’s Nolan Bushnell, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, Dave and Neil from Warby Parker and more.

Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show

No doubt you’ve heard of Tim, and there’s every chance you listen to him already. If you don’t, give his wildly popular podcast a go. The productivity maestro has almost always got an awesome guest on the show. Part self-help guru, part business mentor, Tim is sure to give you something that you can apply to your business, and the chances are it’ll be an unusual or quirky tip to boot.

Podcast: Joe Rogan Podcast

All right, so this one’s not strictly about business, but you should keep your eye tuned to Rogan’s daily podcast anyway because he’s seen as the best in the biz, has some amazing people on the show, and will give you plenty of things to discuss with friends, colleagues and potential clients at networking events. Guests have included Steven Pinker, Jordan Peterson and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Rogan claims Elon Musk will be appearing on the show shortly.

Magazine and website: Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur magazine is geared towards small business owners who want to learn from the best. It features deep dives on people like Jeff Bezos and Venus Williams; outliers who have cracked the productivity code. If you’re not a print magazine person there’s a great online version as well where many of the same stories republished for digital readers. Last but not least, Entrepreneur does accept article ideas, so if you want to get your brand out to some 600,000 readers, get in touch.

Magazine and website: Forbes

Another credibility-boosting platform, Forbes started life as a print magazine but now boasts a robust website as well. The Forbes brand has been around more than one-hundred years, and its annual awards list is something of an industry bible.

Video series: Evan Carmichael

Evan runs a YouTube channel with bite-sized tips and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. He’s become popular for compiling his “rules for success” videos; each one is dedicated to a single businessperson/celebrity packed with quotes from the horse’s mouth.

He has over 1 million subscribers and posts new content every day.


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