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2018 new year resolutions for your business

With holidays coming to an end, and the New Year on the horizon, we’ve compiled five handy pointers to keep in mind for the year ahead. Some are straightforward, some are the domain of the digital savvy, but they’re all intended to give you the most productive year possible. Good luck for 2018 – we hope you have a great year in business.

Upsell more

Make upselling one of your goals in 2018. It’s a well-known technique that doesn’t get used as often as it should and it works especially well with existing customers who already buy into your service. Chances are, if you have clientele who like what you’re about, they won’t balk at the option of paying more for an extended offering. Keep it simple, be clear about what they’re getting, and most importantly – don’t be afraid to ask.

Have a website built

An extraordinary number of businesses still go without a website, or rely on one that is outdated. A website is a powerful advertising tool that can be leveraged over social media – providing it looks the part. Make sure your website is optimized for cell phones as the internet is increasingly being consumed on our iPhones and Android devices; plus, pay attention to the small details: having the wrong date at the bottom of the home page, for instance, is an instant turn off, as are images that fail to load.

Use website analytics

The beauty of digital media is that customer behavior can be charted, collated and used to make future business decisions. Once your website is raring to go, install Google Analytics and track who’s using your site. Chances are you’ll be all at sea in this arena, so make use of a digital advertising agency who can keep costs low or consult one of the myriad guides on the internet and install Google Analytics yourself.

Repurpose what you already have

In 2018, use your time more wisely by repurposing more. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, rather repackage something, make it attractive and tune the price accordingly. The same goes for sourcing new business. Don’t waste time creating a new presentation from scratch: pick and choose from presentations you’ve used in the past and settle on a rock-solid template that will see you through 2018.

Switch up when you say no, and when you say yes

Many of us say no and yes in equal measure, pleasing others while denying our own development. In 2018, flip that trend by saying yes to the things you need: yes to the things that scare you; yes to the things you dread; yes to the activities that will enrich you. Then, start saying no to others more. No to the indulgent coworker, no to the inexcusable deadline, no to the unpaid hour of overtime. Once you reframe your impulses, you’ll reframe how other people see you too.


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