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6 onboarding techniques for new employees

As your business grows, new hires are going to be an important part of your success going forward, but onboarding them (i.e., getting the new staffer accustomed to the way your business works) is easier said than done. Many new hires are forced to waste time twiddling their thumbs while they wait for someone to show them the ropes. The sooner you get them up to speed the better, so here are six good ways to get new hires onboarded fast.

Organize a welcome pack

As a new starter, there’s no better feeling that arriving at your desk on the first day and finding a welcome pack bursting with information.

As the employer, focus on giving them information that might seem routine.

  • Great places to eat in the neighborhood

  • Who to speak to for XYZ

  • Company history

  • Perks or client discounts

Demystify jargon

Your business is rife with jargon, whether you’re aware of it or not. Bust acronyms early and often and get your staff to do the same. Often new hires can feel foolish asking for a word to be demystified, so put together a document pinpointing common phrases.

Assign a buddy/mentor to new hires

Buddy up new starters with a mentor who works in a different department. You want departments to talk to one another, and this is a neat way of fostering cross-communication. Plus, new hires don’t want to burden their line manager with every single concern. Again, a mentor system solves the problem.

Have new staff meet management

Have management meet a new hire face to face. It’s a great way of telling someone new to the business that they matter; that they’re valuable, no matter where they sit in the business hierarchy. If an important member of staff is able to spare fifteen minutes of their time, that creates a culture of transparency and accountability.

Organize a floor walk

This is a basic one but good practice nonetheless; make sure new recruits are taken around the building so they can orient themselves with their new surroundings. It’s also a neat way of introducing them to the different pods/teams.

Host a team lunch

Finally, welcome a new member of staff in style with a team lunch at the end of the first week. A few drinks are never a bad idea either. It’s great for morale to crack open a few beers in the company of others, and good culture never hurt productivity one bit.


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