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What documents do I need to provide?

Typically, we ask for a short one-page application, 4 to 12 months of bank statements, a voided check, your driver’s license and your business license. 

How long does the financing process take?


We pride ourselves on how quickly we can provide capital for your business. If your documents are in order, the approval process takes 24 to 48 hours, allowing us to wire you funds in 5 to 7 business days!

Does my business qualify?


The easiest way to find out if you qualify is to call 1(844) 910-3863. We’ll ask a few brief questions and explain how we can help you. Generally, to qualify for a merchant cash advance, you must deposit at least $10,000 per month in a business bank account.  Not looking for cash advance? Please visit our PROGRAMS page. 


How long must I have been in business?

Six months in business is a typical requirement, but we’re flexible, depending on your sales revenue.


How much working capital can my business obtain?


The minimum we offer is $5,000. The typical maximum is $500,000.


What is the interest rate?


There is no interest rate! We offer merchant cash advances, not loans. Your business pays back the advance with a percentage of future credit card receivables or bank deposits. In other words, instead of an interest rate, we charge a one-time flat fee that you pay back with future sales revenue.


Are there credit requirements?


There are minimum credit score requirements, however they are much less than your traditional bank loan.  Even if you have bad credit or a tax lien you can still be approved. This is a major benefit of a merchant cash advance, as compared to a traditional business loan.


Are there lease requirements?


If you don’t own your location, you must have at least one year left on your lease.


Are there any application fees?


No. It is 100% free to apply for the program.


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